Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring Mini- Sessions

Spring is Here!!!
Time for Mini Sessions!!!

Most of the Sessions took place at Okeeheelee Nature Center in West Palm Beach.
It was definitely a destination that I would use again... lots of lush landscape, little hills, and blooming trees.

The little munchkins were absolutely adorable.  Ranging from first birthday diva shots, to bunny ears, to all out modeling shoots, one thing is for sure.. my clients have the CUTEST KIDS EVER.

I will definitely be planning more West Palm Beach destination shoots in the future.

XOXO- Cindy Emerson Photography

The Tanner family.  These little cuties are always full of fun.  Even though Spencer wasn't really in the
"mood" for pictures.  It didn't stop him from shining those amazing blue eyes my direction.  I was even lucky enough to catch a few smiles in between. Nathan on the other hand is quite the "ham."  He was alllll about smiling for me
and acting like his adorable self.  I love that Robin had the boys in polos with similiar spring colors and perfectly matched plaid shorts.  It was great styling on her part.  (It also went great with the decor I had set up for the shoot).

You would never know that it JUST got done pouring when we got these amazing shots.. that is of course unless you looked at me.  I was pretty much drenched.  :)  GOOD TIMES.

Ashton and Ava are destined to be models.  Could they look any cuter wearing the bunny ears?!?
  What's even more adorable is the connection between these two siblings.  Ashton just ADORES Ava, especially
when she does her special "bird call."  It quickly catches his attention and gets him to do the cutest toothy smile. 

The Kotch kids are just so much fun.  I love the way that Lauren thinks of every detail before the session.  Cameron
with his vintage matched hat, tie, and shorts was just simply too cute.  Then there is Kennedy.  WOW.  She was
styled from head to toe with Gorgeous and Co designs by Marrisa Hassel.  If you are ever thinking about setting
up a girly-girl session, I strongly recommend you check out "GORGEOUS AND CO" on facebook. 
Not to mention that they are just the sweetest kids.  I had Cameron giving me knuckles and kennedy batting her beautiful eyes at me as she ate her giant pink lollipop.  LOVE IT.

Michal is a new client of mine that I met at an amazing "Brodiemania" Beatles themed Birthday party thrown by Lisa Zitner.  I was immediately captivated by Michal's son, Jordan.  His eyes are so amazing, obviously.  As if they weren't enough, he is blessed with the most beautiful long blond hair.  To keep him occupied we had lots of bubble fun.
I think he did pretty amazing for this being our first time together.  He's absolutely ready for full time modeling.
Just no "buggies" please.  :)  He cracks me up.

My last adventure with Evie involved terrential waves and the little muffin with a swollen eye.  It didn't stop her from being absolutely adorable and sweet.  This time she showed up ready to take on the shoot.  We literally could have stopped with the first 10 pictures we took.  She was stopping and posing for every single shot.
 I couldn't be happier with the end result.

Hank was my only mini-session that I did in Indian River.  We ended up switching from Petterson Farms to a little spot that I learned of thanks to Cynthia Taylor and our Horse session.  It was perfect to capture Hank and his sweetness.  First, can you believe how cute he looked?  I loved the styling by Amber Miller.  She was telling me that she ordered the plaid jacket off of EBAY.  What a great idea for a session.  I was also super excited to get some first shots of Hank with his new big boy hair cut.  He was rocking an adorable faux-hawk!!!

Thanks to everyone that aigned up for a mini-session. 
Please remember that if you live down south and can "Double Up" I will gladly make the trip down.
Grab a friend and have them take advantage of all the special deals with
Cindy Emerson Photography

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