Friday, January 25, 2013

C & M Engagement Session

This is one of those DROP DEAD gorgeous couples that you can tell are totally in love.

We started at the Jupiter Lighthouse.  It was my mission to get a couple of shots with the lighthouse in the background.  We started by going inside and asking... We asked nice.  It just didn't work.  They wanted us to pay to have a few minutes in front of it. 

Luckily... we saw a tour exiting and I went up and asked the tour director REALLY sweet... and he snuck us in.  YAY!!!

We then moved to Coral Cove Park.   It was SO beautiful. 
Honesty, I had such an amazing time with Micah and Candace.  From dancing on the rocks, to posing with the pooch, and coming up with ideas to highlight this couples mutual love for crossfit.  We had a BLAST.

I just know they will have an eternity to continue to capture their love on film.

Cindy Emerson Photography

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