Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sometimes.. I get a little crafty...

So, I know this is my Photography Blog and all.  However, sometimes I just feel so crafty and I need to share it.  :)  Here are just some of the fun projects I have been working on.  Austin's bathroom was in need of a serious re-decoration.  My mom and I looked all over and she ended up picking up the cutest set from target.  The striped shower curtain went along with a towel with a pirate octopus.  AUSTIN LOVES PIRATES.  It was just the touch to make it fit for a 5 year old.  However, it left a HUGE area of the wall to fill.  So... I hand painted these canvas to remind him to "Brush your Teeth" and "Wash your Hands."  I think I may add another.. eventually... to remind him to FLUSH.  Any Suggestions???

I also was inspired by the Disney Television show, "Good Luck Charlie."  They have a refrigerator on there that is a giant chalkboard.  Knowing that 1.  We don't exactly have the moo-lah for a new fridge and 2.  Who knows if it was custom made; I decided to take matters into my own hands.  Here are 3 CHALKBOARD STICKERS (only $1.99 for all three) that I purchased at Michael's Arts and Craft.  WAAA LAAAA... Chalk board reminders so that I can attempt to fix my flaw of being organizationally challenged.  :)

Last but not least.... My pumpkin this year.  Not to be outdone by my Gator's Pumpkin from the year before (It was Quite amazing)  haha...
This is EPIC!!!!

I put it by the front door, so everyday when I leave the house I can't help but smile.

The eyes, nose and whiskers are hot glued on.
The pumpkin was painted white.
The witches hat was a paper mache cone wrapped in black felt with an orange ribbon tied on.  Bada Bing- Bada Boom.
Best. Pumpkin. I've. Ever. Made.
I don't say that lightly.  Ha.

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