Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Elf on a Shelf Christmas Card...

It's that time of the year again... you know when the Elf on the Shelf comes to visit.  It's so much fun to think of ideas of how our little "Elfie" can create joy and wonder in my kids lives.  There are tons of resources online of cute things to do with Mr. Elf.  I've done a lot of them last year, so I'm trying (it's not easy with a 10 weeks old!) to get creative with some new ideas for this year.
I thought I would share some with you along the way of Mr. Elfie's adventure in the Emerson Household.

Feel Free to copy!!!

I'm also showing the Christmas Card I designed from Mr. Elf ... just "like" my photography page on facebook and message me and i'll send you the blank template, just add your kids name in.  In fact you can print this card (It's sized 6X8) at Sams Club for only 38 CENTS!!!!

Elfie Arrives:
Day 1:
I just finished a "calendar themed" photo session where my clients brought balloons for the Month of January.   My six year old (Who I thought would NEVER buy into the elf this year) was playing with the balloons all day, so I thought they would be the perfect way to bring on the elf and draw attention to him in his room.  I put him right over his darth vader clock just in case he didn't see him.  Austin was SO excited that Elfie was back again.  Thank goodness he isn't too old for "Elfie" yet!!!  

Day 2:
Elfie Leaves a personal message
We have been having a problem getting Austin to brush his teeth enough each day.  He will brush them on his own so I don't want to take that away from him but he's been pretty lazy about brushing for 2 minutes in the morning and night.  So... Mr. "Elfie" is here to share a message from Santa using Austin's Play shaving cream.  Elfie wrote, "Brush your teeth," as the message.  It definitely worked!!!!

Day 3:
Elfie Begins the Christmas Tree Decorating!!!

Day 4:
Elf and Toy Soldiers Versus the Lego Mini Figures

Day 5:
We have done the Powdered Sugar snow angels, so this year we used rice.  (This was Austin's favorite last year so it needed to make a re-appearance)

Day 6:
Naughty Elf has Toilet Papered our Christmas Tree!!!

Day 7:
The silly elf printed out his picture and taped it over Austins.  He used the tape to stick himself to the wall too!!!

Day 8:
Mr. Elfie has stolen our M&M's and spelled out HO HO HO

The Letter Arrival

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