Thursday, December 15, 2011

Riley and Reecie Pie Holiday 2011

I remember fondly driving down south for Heather's baby shower with Austin.  He was only 6 months old at the time and Heather was glowing radiantly with excitement for her first little love muffin, Riley.  Then, as time went by, we had the joy of having Riley spend the night as Heather gave birth to little Reecie Pie.  Riley was so excited to have a baby sister.  I actually have her on video singing and dancing, "Yeah... I'm a big sister." 
 (It's absolutely ADORABLE) 

Watching them grow up I'm amazed to see how different they have become.  Riley is still the careful, sweet, and well mannered little doll she's always been.  Reecie is a little more rambunctious, Her eyes are so beautiful they literally take your breathe away.  She is going to be dangerous with the boys. 

Mommy and Daddy better put locks on their windows for sure.

Getting the opportunity to capture them growing up to is so special to me.
I love that I started taking the hobby of photography to another level 4 years ago because it has given me the chance to capture this family for those years.  The Andre's are like family to us. 

The BEST part of photography is visiting the families that I take pictures of.  When I get to see the pictures blown up on their walls decorating their house with the obvious sentiments of love, it's really quite moving.  I almost cried when I entered their house a few months back and saw the pcitures of Riley and Reecie on the wall.  Heather's vision of decorating her home mixed with my photographic vision went together perfectly. 
(Ok- Maybe I did tear up a little)

Overall, it's just amazing to be a part of such a beautiful family.


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