Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Schultz Family

Oh the FUN!!!!
The Schultz family brought an immediate smile to my face. They have such a fun loving nature about them.  Cracking jokes and full on sarcasm.. two of my favorite things.  Not only did I LOVE taking pictures of them, but they are so much fun I was tempeted to ask them where they were going later to chill.  Haha.  (YES they were that cool)
It was super fun and it's awesome to see that each family is in their own unique faze.
One couple recently engaged...
One about to bring in a baby...
One with a Two little lovey dovey boys...
One with Two little Angel girls...
and all just perfect in their own way.  Makes me happy to see so much love!
Congrats Patti... you are 100 Percent blessed and your glow just showed that you know it.


Cindy Emerson Photography

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  1. We had a great time. The pictures are beautiful! Thanks so much for fun times at the can come hang with the Schultz clan anytime!PMS