Friday, December 2, 2011

The Graul Family Holiday Session

Where to begin?!?
 First... if you have a secret spot for pictures, you are already one of my favorite clients. When Erin called me to book her holiday pics explaining a mysterious ranch, there was no WAY I was saying no. 
(It doesn't hurt that she's married to an Indian River Fire Fighter either).

I have to say, I am obsessed with obscure and fun locations, and this place was the JACKPOT baby.
 Not to mention the pick up at Starbucks (my favorite) and getting to know Wyatt and Wade on the way was just the icing on the cake. Those two cuties had me giggling and were BEGGING me to take their picture on the way. When we showed up, my eyes lit up to see a gorgeous fireplace in middle of the property. We found a cute Creek (that might have needed special-op moves to get to) and so many spots to capture this gorgeous family.
 I have to say... I had SO much fun with the Graul family and can't wait to get my camera on them again.

Thanks guys!!!!
XOXO Cindy Emerson Photography

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