Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tanner Family Holiday Session

I took a trip down to Juno Beach for this beautiful family beach session.  The skies were unloading the entire way down with one of the most powerful storms I have seen all year.  It wasn't until 3 miles before the Juno Beach exit that the clouds cleared up just so I could capture this family.  SO COOL!  I met them on the pier and my face lit up.  I have such a soft spot in my hear for little brothers.  YUMMY.  The boys were so much fun.  Baby Spencer with those gorgeous deep blue eyes and Curly Q Nathan with those perfect blond curls.  Perfection. 
I really enjoyed meeting Robin and Matt as well.  Such a great family!!
They are obviously super blessed.

I can't wait to continue getting the love on film and watching the boys grow up.

XOXO Cindy Emerson Photography

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