Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Eliason Family

Capturing this beautiful family was just full of surprises.
They began with us getting to the beach to find that the waves devouring the shore line.  They were crashing so hard that they had quite the audience of spectators.  Realistically, we realized our initial plan of beach pictures on the rocks was NOT going to happen.  Thank goodness for a beautiful inter-coastal area and pier for us to use instead.  Sometimes, the best pictures come from unforeseen circumstances.  

What was awesome was that the Eliason family just rolled with it!!!
 You would NEVER know that we were being sprayed by crashing waves, jumping out of the way of speeding maniac drivers, and narrowly avoiding a roadkill photographer.  Baby Evie was just a doll.  The minute the camera went up she was full of big grins.  

Addie was also a very good girl.  She reminds me of the Lhasa Apso (Muffin) we had growing up.  You can tell that Addie and Evie are going to be best buds!

It was a blast and I'm really excited with the results of our session.
XOXO Cindy Emerson Photography

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