Sunday, November 13, 2011

Kotch Family  Holiday Session

Mike and Lauren are officially the longest running, happiest, sweetest couple to EVER graduate from Coconut Creek High School. It was so incredible to see how they share that special love with their amazingly cute kids Cameron and Kennedy. 

I wasn't sure if he was really in the "mood" to "ham it up."  But all it took was a few minutes of attention and he turned up the charm.  His facial expressions just crack me up.  Mike and Lauren are going to have to beat off the girls when he gets older.  Haha.
Cameron is just such a cute little boy.  He's got a fascination for Superheroes that is just adorable. 

She was just a precious little muffin face.  Her little grin and chubby cheeks are what I live for!  She is such a happy content little girl.  I did feel a little crazy doing a, "beep, beep, beep" noise for her, but it just cracks her up so I don't mind it one bit.  

Thank you Mike and Lauren for a great time... I had a blast getting to know your growing family.

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